What would poker be, especially so much gambling type of poker like texas holdem if bluff wouldn`t exist? What is bluff? Bluff is nothing else than intentional cheat, mislead other players by imitation absolutely different situation from what we have to do. Bluff have two forms. First, basic form of bluff is attempt to show that you “have something” while you have absolutely nothing except few useless cards. This bluff is easier to do, but also much more risky, because we can lose a lot of money if somebody will decide to call us and there is a lot of this kind of crazy players at poker table. Much more interesting form of bluff is second bluff, called inverted bluff. We intentionally show to other players that we have weak cards. Of course we don`t have weak cards, because we play in that way only if we have very strong cards on our hand. It is very hard to do good, we need to show our uncertainty and excessive caution, but it also can`t look falsely, because other players will figure it out that we are trying to bluff them. We can`t lose our money, because most players will pass- this is earning bluff, so little profit is like defeat. We have to show very good our uncertainty and luck of courage to next move – just to our bluff work. Sometimes – especially when we play with better players – we can pretend that we know nothing about texas hold-em. I assure you that if we shows somebody that indeed we don`t really know how to play poker, this guy soon will be our “victim”. And maybe he will think that our win was just a coincidence and will try to play with us once again and he will lose more money. This tactic works fine on poker heads-up – check it by yourself.